Welcome to Tiny Piggies 4 You.  We sell tiny piglets that grow into tiny pigs!!!  We are a family run business that resides in Charlotte, NC.  How did we get into the business of selling Mini pigs?  Well we bought a Mini pig and named her Souey.  Thats all it took!!!  Souey is a fantastic pet.  She sits for her treats, comes running when called and sleeps cuddled up beside me all night.  She LOVES belly rubs and grunts the entire time when we give her one.

Since Souey has been such a wonderful pet, we decided we wanted to become small breeders to share these wonderful pets with others.  We make sure that all our pigs are litter box trained, socialized and accustomed to kids. 

Since there is no breed standards for mini pigs be very careful when you buy a "Teacup Pig".  Teacup is only a term that is used to describe a pig that fits into a teacup when it is born.  All piggies no matter what kind fit into a teacup when born.  The best way to determine the size of your piglet when its full grown is to look at their parents.     

Our pigs will average anywhere from 13 to 15 inches tall fully grown.  This is about the size of an English Bulldog.     

We are a breeder that is available 24/7 before and AFTER you buy a piggy.  Some breeders will sell you a piggy and you can never get in touch with them again.  We are NOT one of those breeders.  We love our piggies and want you and your piggy to be very happy.  

Everyone must understand that the term Micro Pigs, Teacup Pigs and Nano Pigs are marketing terms.  Whatever you choose to call them they all make great pets.  Please do your research!!!   Please look thru our website.  If you are interested in one of our piglets, please contact us for an appt to pick one out in person. 

Please send an email to Kendra@azoo2you.com