Baby Piggies 
The first question everyone asks is:  How big will the piglets be as adults?
Answer:  Each piglet's anticipated size is based on an average of the parents' sizes.  Please look at the parents and check their measurements.
Adoption Information:
First step in the process is to complete the  Piggy Adoption Consideration Form.                                             
Your piglet will be healthy and litter-box trained.                                                                  
Males will be neutered.                                                                                                   
Your piglet also comes with telephone, text, and/or email support to help answer any questions. We will help new piglet owners successfully deal with any and every piglet situation that needs answers, i.e. missed the litter box, nipping at shoes, etc.
Your piglet will have received Ivermectin de-worming medication. You will receive some feed, feeding instructions and more!
All of our Parent Pigs are with us at our home for all to see!                                                     
Most of our piggies are adopted before they reach two months of age so don't wait! Please fill out the piglet adoption form!                                                                                               
Questions about our truly tiny piggies? Ask Tammy or Amber!

Piglets Have Arrived! Due to the Overwhelming Response, We Still Have a Waiting List! Pictures of Recent Litters are below. Email or Call to be Placed on Our Waiting List
Maya's Babies
Evie's Babies